Per Ivar Ledang




Competence areas

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Advertising
  • Design Management
  • Furniture

Client references


No awards received.



Ledang Design constructs and designs furniture and product design for homes and public enviroments. My products are - or have been - sold all over the world.

For IKEA I have made 90 products in different stylegroups and price-levels.

I keep different conditions of my producers in mind at an early stage in order to make production as efficient as possible.

Many of my furnitures are made "knock down" which means, it is designed and produced in a way that makes it easy for the costumer to assemble, and to make the transport costs low.

Many diffrent materials are used in my designs, including solid wood, MDF, particleboard, plywood, glass, steel and plastic. I also aim to use newly developed materials and combinations.

I want my furniture and products to be usefull, also in a limited space. This means that I sometimes create products with several functions.

In addition, I make an effort to ensure that my products are not only beautifull, but also practical and functional.

Most importantly, I enjoy what I do, and I always have the costumer in mind when I work.