Mads Miltersen




Competence areas

  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Furniture
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Design

Client references


No awards received.



Mads Miltersen Designs competences lies mainly in Design, Innovation and Problem solving.
I avoid specializing in one specific product area.
Instead I strive to acquire a broad range of knowledge.

My design philosophy is humanistic minimalism.
My goal is to design products which are innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, user friendly, environmentally friendly and as simple as possible.

My main inspiration is nature.
In nature, nothing is superfluous. Everything is optimized for its specific function.
A shark is not sleek and streamlined to look good but to be an effective hunter.
A grass straw is designed to sway with the wind instead of breaking.

Through my earlier works I have achieved know how about most materials.
I keep myself updated about the newest materials and processes.

My network includes production companies, subcontractors, tool builders, model makers, engineers, electronic experts, export advisors and many others.

Product development is a team sport. I’m used to work in cooperation with many different people.
I enjoy acquiring new knowledge to use it in new and innovative ways.