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virgin atlantic safety film takes passengers on a cinematic trip

The making of the inflight safety movie. Come fly away with us in our latest animated feature for Virgin Atlantic, 'Trip'. Over the past few months we have been working on a new inflight film for Virgin Atlantic to replace the seminal film created almost 12 years ago. Just as the Virgin passengers are about to set off we wanted to take them on a little journey of our very own. Inspired by classic cinema, cult films and mirroring the usual apathy toward safety messages; the six-minute animation travels through a surprising and playful series of genre-based film scenes to convey all the necessary information.

Genan tyre recycle solution animated

Genan needed a film that would explain the needs for tire-recycling and the quality level that Genan delivers at to a broad range of clients. Tumblehead created a film that communicates the environmental problems the world is faced with due to the increased amount of scrap tires. It also depicts how Genan, by recycling in the environmentally and economical most beneficial way, helps remedy this issue.

A new spin on wind - Braunprize 2012

FROG REVOLVER The design was recognized with the prestigious BraunPrize 2012 Sustainability Award, an international competition celebrating beautiful and intuitive product design. Harnessing clean energy with a portable wind turbine.A small, powerful portable wind turbine that makes generating clean, renewable power a breeze.

Loud and Clear Sound United Personal Audio

To break into the lifestyle audio market, home audio leader Sound United came to frog for a product strategy that informed three differentiated brands and product lines

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